Recent Talks and Lectures

Talks | Conference Presentations

Panel: Segurança Digital como pilar do desenvolvimento social e econômico [Digital Security as a pilar for social and economic development] (Jun/2022). Event organized by JOTA and Microsoft “Segurança Cibernética: oportunidades e desafios para a sociedade e economia digitais”. Online. Link.

CIVICA Roundtable: How the social sciences can help us face an uncertain future (Mar/2022) with Loïc Azoulai (Sciences Po), Marina Henke (Hertie School), Zsolt Enyedi (CEU). CIVICA Conference: Europe and the New Global Challenges. Online. Link.

Roundtable on Cybersecurity and the Politics of Knowledge Production (Feb/2022). The Hague Program on International Cyber Security. Online. Link.

Open Forum: Online knowledge portals for national cyber capacity (Dec/2021). UN Internet Governance Forum. Online. Link.

Closing the Bridging the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity with Louise Marie Hurel and Angela Matlapeng (Nov/2021). The UNconnected Podcast with Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. Link.

Breakdowns, Cybersecurity Imaginaries and Incidents: An infrastructure inversion approach to cybersecurity governance (Nov/2021). The Hague Conference on Cyber Norms: Governing through Crisis: Conflict, Crises and the Politics of Cyberspace. The Hague.

The Networked Politics of Incident Response: Practices and Pressure Points. (Sept/2021). TPRC. American University. Online.

Missed Information: Gaps in Online Research (Jun/2021). 360/Open Summit. Atlantic Council Digital Forensics Lab (DFRLab). Link.

Couldry, N. & Hurel, L.M. The Colonization of Everyday Life at Home: Amazon Skills and Google Actions (May 2021). Panel: The Corporatized Datafication of Social Life. International Communications Association Annual Conference. Online.

When is an incident? Cybersecurity imaginaries and the politics of incident response (Apr/2021). International Studies Association Annual Conference 2021. Online.

O Big Brother da Identidade Digital e Cibercrimes (Jan/2021). Foro Inteligência & BRICS Policy Center. Link.

Building Resilience in Cybersecurity (Dec/2020). Germany Foreign Office’s Future Affairs Conference. Link.

Cyber Confidence Building Measures (Dec/2020). Informal Multistakeholder Cyber Dialogue. Link.

Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity (Nov/2020). United Nations Internet Governance Forum. Link

Barrinha, A. & Hurel, L.M. The Hybrid Place: Civil Society in the Open Ended Working Group (Nov/2020). Panel: “Toward inclusion: the global governance of cyber norms”. The Hague Conference on Cybernorms. Conference. Online. Link.

Procesos Inclusivos de Desarollo de Políticas Cibernéticas (Oct/2020). Webinar moderated by Daniela Schnidrig. ISOC Cybersecurity SIG.

Empowering Women in Cybersecurity (Oct/2020). ITU Cyber Drill 2020. International Telecommunications Agency. Link.

From threats to responses: the role of social imaginaries in making and shaping incident response (Oct/2020). Panel on “Reconciling Urgency Responsibility and Accountability in Cybersecurity Governance” with Carolina Aguerre, Enrico Calandro, Tatiana Tropina, Hortense Jongen. International Online Conference University of Duisburg-Essen. Link.

Fake News: é possível regular a desinformação? (Sept/2020) Youth LACIGF. Conference. Online. Link.

China-US Competition: Brazil Caught in the Crossfire? (Aug/2020). Webinar Moderated by Dr. Christopher Sabatini. Chatham House. Online. Link.

Cybersecurity Governance in Brazil: Keeping Silos or Building Bridges? (Jul/2020). Closing the Gap Conference. EU Cyber Direct/EUISS. Online.

A Pandemic of Inequalities: Risk, Tech and Surveillance (Jun/2020). Webinar #7 Open Course: Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Covid-19: Particularities of Latin America and the Caribbean, Belén Gimenez & Juliana Novaes. YOUTH LAC Internet Governance Forum. Link.

Brazil and European Union Cybersecurity overview: policies, institutions, and capacities (May/2020). Online Panel discussion Security in Cyberspace: dynamics, limits and opportunities. Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society & Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Communities of Technical Expertise: the institutionalization of incident response in the EU (Feb/2020). Presentation at INTERSECT Workshop “Future of EU Security: Issues, Concepts and Approaches”. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Reconhecimento Facial no Brasil. Panel on Tecnologias de reconhecimento facial: quais são os seus riscos e benefícios, como regular?” (Sept/2019). X Seminário de Proteção à Privacidade e aos Dados Pessoais. / São Paulo, Brazil. Link.

NATO Strategic Communications Conference High-level Panel “Looking outside the Bubble – the global view” (Jul/2019). Panel with Prof. Neville Bolt (King’s College), Fabrizio Hoschild (UN) and Michael Anti (Caixin Globus). Riga, Latvia. Link.

Guest, Podcast on Surveillance Technologies (2019) – Seipod is a monthly podcast focused on empowering BAME women with the knowledge needed to be secure online. Invited to speak about surveillance technologies in the city. London, UK. Link.

Teaching | Lectures


Guest Lecturer: King’s College London (Jan/2022)
From Cyber Incidents to Crises: Communication and Knowledge Politics in Cybersecurity. Lecture given to MSc students in Strategic Communications.


Graduate Teaching Assistant: Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics (2021-2022)
MC499.2B Dissertation Study Skills (postgraduate full-unit course).

Lecturer/Course Convener, Diplomatura en Gobernanza de Internet (DiGI), Universidad de San Andrés (UDESA)/Centro de Tecnología y Sociedad (CeTyS) (Mar-Jun/2021) Responsible for the lectures, programme, supervision and readings for DiGI’s Cybersecurity Track (Lab Ciberseguridad). Course given in Spanish.

Guest Lecturer: Instituto Rio Branco (Mar/2021)
Governança da Cibersegurança no Brasil. Lecture given to the students of the Brazilian diplomatic academy.

Guest Lecturer: King’s College London (Jan/2021)
Tech Companies and the Transformation of Diplomatic Practices. Lecture given to MSc students in Strategic Communications.


Graduate Teaching Assistant: London School of Economics (MT 2020)
Assistantship on the half-unit module course on “Data and Communication in Society” for MSc students. Course convened by Dr. Jean-Christophe Plantin. Co-taught on data localisation, Internet fragmentation and cyber sovereignty. Department of Media and Communications.

Lecturer and Short-Course Convener: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Nov/2020)
Designed a four-day course on “Feminism and Digital Inequalities” with 2h lectures to undergraduate students from the Institute of International Relations.

Guest Lecturer: University of Bath (Oct/2020)
Internet Governance: Locating the “Global South”. Lecture given to MA students in International Relations, Polis. Online.

Guest Lecturer: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (July/2020)
A Construção Social da Segurança Cibernética. Lecture given to BA students in International Relations – course on International Security. Online.

Guest Lecturer: State University of Paraíba (June/2020)
Excepcionalidade e Responsabilização: O dilema do poder das plataformas durante o Covid-19? Lecture given to professionals and postgraduate students. Law Department. Online.

Guest Lecturer: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (May/2020)
A (Des)Construção da Segurança Cibernética. Lecture given to BA students in International Relations – Course on International Conflict. Online.

Guest Lecturer: King’s College London (Feb/2020)
Reimagining the Internet: Latin America, Brazil and Internet Governance. Lecture given to MSc students from the War Studies Department.

Guest Lecturer: King’s College London (Jan/2020)
Seeing the Unseen: Cybersecurity, Influence and Big Tech Companies. Lecture given to MSc students in Strategic Communications.


Guest Lecturer: King’s College London (2019)
From Global to Regional: Internet Governance and Cybersecurity in Latin America. Lecture given to MSc students from the War Studies Department.


Guest Lecturer: King’s College London (2018)
Cybersecurity and Internet Governance: Security and International Relations in Latin America. Lecture given to MSc students from the War Studies Department.

Guest Lecturer: Getulio Vargas Foundation (2018)
Now What? Surveillance and Privacy for IoT. Co-lectured at FGV-SP Department of International Relations. Digital Threats to Democracy Course convened by Dr. Barrie Sander. São Paulo, Brazil.